[Corporate Ethics]


The Beamar Universe, a way to reflect the excellence & Savoir-faire of our firm. We stand out for the maximum demand in the quality of our Jewels, which makes us have a respectful Environmental, Social & Corporate Ethics vision that takes care of the wonderful world that surrounds us.


Our Corporate Responsibility Policy establishes Beamar as a respectful and responsible jeweler with the environment, and must maintain constant improvement in all our creation, acquisition and sale processes.


In compliance with our strategic areas, at Beamar we are convinced that our Collections will endure over time, that they will be an example of the most respectful Savoir-faire and that they meet excellent quality and demand requirements.

[Environment & Society]



The Gold that Beamar uses for its High Jewelry Collections and exclusive creations is tested in our supplier's testing laboratory, guaranteeing the necessary quality and safety control. In our jewelry creation processes we only use raw materials from places that comply with Human Rights and the strictest environmental safety measures.


At Beamar we respect our environmental & human commitment, which is why the Gold in our Jewelry is certified under the CFSI (Conflict Free Sourcing Initiative) standards, being a metal that is obtained in safe and respectful places. We believe that it is fundamental in the acquisition of our raw materials to ensure that they come from places where human rights are respected and transparency in the acquisition of the same, both metals and gems and precious stones.


The certifications received by our suppliers endorse the Social and Environmental Policy of our company, making Beamar a firm committed to the environment and the social & human sphere of the countries of origin of the metal and precious stones.

Art & Philanthropic



In the philanthropic field, Beamar has a faithful commitment to art, design & creativity. Through our "Weekend Art" project, we support initiatives and events where ART is the pillar of development in three fundamental areas: economic, social & environmental. "Weekend Art" is developed through art & design exhibitions where the Beamar Universe accompanies artists, designers and artisans from different sectors to give visibility to their creations in very special spaces.


We believe that jewelry is art and heart transformed into Unique Jewelry that shows the essence of the artist.


Art & Beauty that, from Beamar, we continue to support.

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