It was clear to us that for our expansion there was no better candidate than the city of Estepona. Its high economic growth along with its undoubted cosmopolitan potential oriented to arts and culture made us bet on it. And so it was, last Thursday, November 23, Beamar inaugurated new jewelry at 9 of Portada Street, in the heart of the historic center of Estepona.




During the opening cocktail we had the wonderful welcome of Mr José María García Urbano, mayor of Estepona, as well as members of CIT Marbella, Diario Sur and Estepona Television among other assistants of the Spanish business network.






 As Jewelers and designers since 1999, we are excited to open the doors of our house to all people and to transmit all the love and passion we put in each of our pieces.





Thanks to you we are sure that it will be a success and the place from which we will work to create not only jewelry, but some of the moments that will become part of the history of your lives.



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