Beamar Jewelry at Louis Vuitton, Marbella Club Hotel 


The Davis Cup, which has been held since 1900, is the tennis competition organized by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and is one of the international competitions with the longest history in tennis. For the final phase, 18 national teams qualify, among which are the four semifinalists of the previous edition plus two countries invited by the ITF and the other twelve positions are covered by a play-off. The matches are played to the best of three sets with a tie-break and, until the quarterfinals, the Davis Cup is played in three venues, while the semifinals are played in one of those venues.



From Beamar Jewelry we want to convey our full support to the Spanish team that will play in the quarterfinals against Croatia at the Martín Carpena Sports Palace in Malaga on November 23. The final will be held on November 27. LET'S GO FOR THE SEVENTH!



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